Shboing website

We closed Shboing LLC at the end of 2019 and are no longer doing business. Originally founded in 2007 with friends from work, the vision was to leverage information technology in the wine industry by connecting consumers and wineries together. The company never got going.

In 2011, my wife and I took over Shboing LLC and converted it into a IT consulting and web development business. Although we had some successes, it became a “not for profit” business as our focus became helping small non-profits with their IT infrastructures. We did this on a volunteer basis.

Therefore, I have converted the Shboing website into my photography portfolio site. As an avid photographer, I had been using Flickr – – to post my photos. However, they recently increased their membership price for Flickr Pro to $59.99 per year and I wanted more flexibility in presenting and explaining my photographs.

It’s going to take time to move all of my photos but it’s an enjoyable, almost therapeutic, endeavor.