Welcome to Shboing!

Shboing is an independent software development company located in Carmel, California (We moved from Lake Tahoe).  We are experienced in helping small businesses and non-profit organizations with their IT needs.

Our primary goal is to build “low cost, semi-customized, functionally rich web sites” for small businesses and non-profit organizations which enable them to have a bigger web presence than their limited size and resources might suggest.

From a technology perspective, we build our web sites with either WordPress or Drupal. Both are open source, content management systems in which a web site is assembled from various components that provide the “look and feel”, functionality and content editing. With a large number of contributors, both offer a wide range of themes and modules to meet most requirements.  Shboing will further customize either one to meet the customer’s specifications.

For advanced requirements, we use Ubercart for e-commerce applications and CiviCRM for customer/constituent relationship management.

Click here if you are interested in having us build you a great website!