I’ve been photographing since the 1970’s when my sister brought back from Japan a Nikomat FTN (the Japanese version of the Nikkormat) with a very fast Nikkor-S 50mm F/1.4 lens. The camera featured a built-in TTL light meter with a 60/40 center-weighted balance and micro prism focuser. A Presbyterian minister in San Francisco taught me how to develop B&W film and make 8×10 prints.  I still have the camera.

My goal is simply to make compelling photos that generates an emotional response from the viewer. I basically want photos that “pop!” and describe my photographic style as “reality plus”. In other words, I focus on capturing a good image and enhancing them somewhat during processing – mostly just crop, sharpen and add a bit of vibrance or an adjustment curve. The intent is to create photos that capture the essence of how you want to remember a particular subject, scene or event – not necessarily what you actually saw.

My two signature photos are:

  • A lion fighting crocodiles in the Masi Mara in Africa which was published in the Daily Mail
  • The Dumpster Puppies – a local animal rescue story that was published in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza

I like doing travel, street and event photography as well as occasionally still life with its colors and patterns.  We been fortunate enough to travel to destinations such as China, East Africa and South America. The landscape photos shown in the slideshow include the Venetian in Las Vegas; under the Monterey pier in black & white; and Chimney Beach along the shores of north Lake Tahoe.

I particulary enjoy street photography with shots like: Deborah who sells the S.F. Chronicle on Polk St.; high end shoes on display at Bergdoff-Goodman during the Christmas season; young Chinese girls on their cell phones in Pingyao; the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the De Young Museum; and street artists on Portsmouth Square.

For still life, the orchid was shot at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers and the geometric design were rocks on Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur. On the fun side, I’ve been photographing a lot of cats and dogs for Pet Network.  My wife has been calling me “Ace Ventura, Pet Photographer”.

My equipment of choice is a combination of Nikon (D800 and D750) and Leica (ME and Monochrom) cameras with an assortment of lenses.

More of my photos can be viewed at Flickr.