About Us

RichardMy name is Richard Chew. I have been building web sites using Drupal for non-profit organizations and small businesses for quite a few years. In 2011, we formalized our business and started Shboing, a California LLC.

Prior to moving to Lake Tahoe, I worked in senior IT management in the Bay Area for Visa and Charles Schwab.  This experience has enabled me to bring large scale systems and business practices to hands-on development for non-profits and small businesses. Some examples include formal requirements gathering, cross-platform testing and user documentation.

As our business has evolved, we have moved increasingly towards (1) helping organizations implement more advanced applications such as e-commerce and customer/constituent relationship management and (2) integrating technologies across the organization both externally (ex., Facebook, payment processors) and internally (ex., POS systems, desktop computers, office systems, network servers and wired/wireless networks). We have also improved our web site design capabilities in order to support customers in developing their own web designs.