Welcome to Shboing!

Shboing is an independent software development company located in Carmel, California (We moved from Lake Tahoe).  We are experienced in helping small businesses and non-profit organizations with their IT needs.

Our strength is building “low cost, semi-customized, functionally rich web sites” for small businesses and non-profit organizations. A bit of a mouthful but the intent is to help organizations build a bigger web presence than their limited size and resources might suggest. A web site is a key component in an organization’s overall digital marketing, communications and transactional strategy. It’s a complement to other web services such as Facebook, Twitter and Constant Contact or MailChimp. It provides a point of interaction with customers, employees, volunteers and supporters.

Our approach is to use either WordPress or Drupal, the two dominant content management systems, to construct a web site that meets your specific requirements. Additionally we use CiviCRM for customer relationship management (ex., contact management, donations, event registrations) and Ubercart for e-commerce along with a host of web-based services such as PayPal and Volgistics.

We also develop IT strategies for your computer and network infrastructure, create technical designs and implement the various components. Our particular strengths are: (1) building a whole building network infrastructure combining wired and wireless; (2) developing a data access and storage architecture including network attached storage and cloud-based services; and (3) installing and maintaining desktop/laptop computers and other connected devices.

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